Ethiopia: involving men in the struggle against FGM

Addis Abeba, 6 February 2011

The International Day Tolerance Zero to FGM has been celebrated by children and young men in Ethiopia.
In the early morning of the 6 February 2011, a march of hundreds of young people took place in the centre of Addis Ababa, together with representatives of the civil society and the government of Ethiopia. The march has been organized by the Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices affecting the Health of Women and Children (IAC), the Ethiopian NGO Men Movement for Women Rights (MMWR). 
In the streets of Addis-Ababa, from the Parliament to the famous Merkel square, more than four hundreds children walked down by the road of the capital chanting “STOP FGM” both in English and Amharic. 
The ceremony put together representatives of the Government, as the Federal Police, the Women Rights Commission and organisations of the Civil Society that presented the advancement on the fight against FGM in Ethiopia during the past year.
An essential focus has been giving also to the International Campaign to ban Female Genital Mutilation worldwide conducted by the IAC and No Peace Without Justice. In their interventions, the participants of both organisations remembered the importance to have a UN resolution to ban female genital mutilation worldwide, and called to all governments to support the resolution.