Genocide denial at UN Security Council

Brussels – Rome, 8 July 2015

The UN Security Council today voted on a resolution that would have recognised and commemorated the genocide at Srebrenica, which occurred 20 years ago. The resolution was vetoed by the Russian Federation; China and three non-permanent UNSC members abstained from voting. 
Statement by Alison Smith, International Criminal Justice Director for No Peace Without Justice:
"Today's Russian veto of the resolution commemorating the genocide at Srebrenica in 1995 is quite simply astounding. Two international courts have found that genocide was committed; to deny this in the name of some notion of equality between victims is insulting to the memory of those who died and the suffering of those left behind. 
"Let's be clear: recognition of the crimes committed against one group of people does not equal denial of the suffering of other groups. What the resolution would have done is to acknowedge at the highest political level the injustices against the victims at Srebrenica. That's all - but it would have been a huge thing for those victims. They need all the redress they can get, but even this was denied by some UNSC members today.
'The Security Council needs to get its house in order. If it can't even find consensus on something proven beyond a reasonsble doubt, what hope is there for today's victims in Syria and beyond? Russia must stop standing on the side of deniers and criminals and start acting in the best interests of victims, humanity and international peace and security".
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