NPWJ LGBTI Program Strategies


The No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) LGBTI Program focuses on collecting information on, and supporting the activities of, civil society organizations, institutions, local leaders and activists that are working on LGBTI and minority rights issues, including by: creating local networks of activists and LGBTI persons; conducting preliminary documentation of the LGBTI local and global situations; improving LGBTI persons’ cultural, economic and social conditions as well as access to public services; and working to decrease incidents of discrimination and violence against LGBTI persons in both the private and public realm.
Through its activities and partnerships, the NPWJ LGBTI Program aims to: gather data on the problems encountered in rendering services to the LGBTI community; identify needs in the training of service providers on best practices for dealing with LGBTI persons without prejudice and stigma; and produce a guide on these findings for organizations involved in LGBTI issues. To this end, NPWJ has begun conducting activities to mobilize the most committed parliamentarians and activists toward the adoption and application of effective laws criminalising discrimination against LGBTI people.


Please see the following sections: 
1 The situation worldwide
2 A special focus on Uganda