Conference on “DiverCities - Mixed Cities and Disputed Areas: Local Approaches to Federal Democracy”

Venice, 18‑22 December 2007

Reports of the thematic sessions
Wednesday 19 December 2007
·        Opening Session
·        Session I: “The Current Status of the Implementation of Article 140”
·         Session II: “Resolving the Political Status of Disputed Areas - Local Perspectives from Iraq”
Thursday 20 December 2007
·        Sessions III: “Examples of Diversity Management Worldwide”
·        Session IV: “The Reality on the Ground - Perspectives on Diversity Management in Iraq”
Friday 21 December 2007
·        Session V: “The Management of Diversity in the Context of Article Article 140”
·        Responses from Foreign Experts
·        Recommendations and Options for Implementation
Saturday 22 December 2007
Report from the Drafting Committee to the Plenary.
Discussion and adoption of Final Communiqué and Recommendations