Doha - 7th Forum for the Future

Doha, Qatar, 11-13 January 2011

A delegation of No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) participated in the Seventh Forum for the Future Ministerial Meeting in Doha, Qatar, hosted on 12-13 January 2011 by Qatar, under the co-chairmanship of Canada. The meeting saw the participation of high-level government delegations and civil society representatives of G8 and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries, as well as regional and international organizations and institutions, to examine the state of play of progress accomplished in the realm of political reforms and human rights promotion in the Region.
The NPWJ delegation also contributed to the Civil Society Forum, organised in coordination with the co-chairs by the National Human Right Committee (NHRC) and the Arab Democracy Foundation (ADF), to be held in on 11 January. The purpose of the Civil Society Forum, which gathered together around 100 representatives from democracy advocates and civil society activists from the MENA Region, was to prepare a common Civil Society platform of principles and goals to be presented during the Ministerial meeting with the aim to promote political reforms and human rights in the Region as well as to foster co-operation on these issues between civil society and governments in a legitimate, open, and constructive framework.
During the Ministerial meeting was also presented a set of constructive proposals and recommendations that emerged from the preparatory workshops held in Doha, Istanbul, and Beirut, on reform priorities aimed at enhancing women’s and youth economic and political participation as well as at narrowing the impunity gap and promoting the Rule of Law in the countries of the Region.
Program of the Forum for the Future Ministerial meeting
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