Inter-Governmental Regional Conference on Democracy, Human rights and the Role of the International Criminal Court

Speech of His Excellency President ALI ABDULLAH SALEH - Sana'a, 10 – 12 January 2004

Speech of His Excellency President ALI ABDULLAH SALEH
The President of the Republic of Yemen


Your Excellency Secretary General of the Arab League; Your Excellency Secretary General of the Islamic Conference Organization; Your Excellency Representative of the European Union; Your Excellency Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations far Political Affairs; Your Excellencies Speakers of Parliaments, Senates and Consultative Councils Your Excellencies Ministers; Dear brothers and friends representatives of civil society associations from brotherly and friendly countries; Madam representative of No Peace Without Justice Organization;
Ladies and Gentlemen;

May God's peace and mercy be upon you

I am pleased to welcome you and express our appreciation far your presence and participation in this conference far which we hope great success.

I also express thanks far the European Union, No Peace Without Justice Organization and for all those who participated in the good arrangements of the conference in order to achieve the targeted results and objectives.

Sana'a, the city of civilization, history, culture and democracy, is greatly honoured to host this unique gathering of high ranking political and party leaders whether they are in office or in opposition. Also with the participation of a large number of civil society organizations and associations, in order to exchange views openly and aspire together far a free democratic world where there is no tyranny, no oppression, no suppression and no occupation.

This gathering aims also at reassuring the important role of the International Criminal Court far the protection of human rights and our joint commitment that all people should be . equal in their rights without any discrimination or oppression.

In this occasion, we in the Republic of Yemen renew our commitment towards those humanitarian principles. Our Yemeni people which had suffered in the past, the scourge of . conflicts, division and dictatorial and totalitarian domination had revolted and gained victory, and was able to restore its national unity on the 22nd of May 1990.

This was coincided with the establishment of democracy, multi-party system, freedom of opinion and the press, participation of women in political life and respect of human rights. Civil society associations were also established by direct and free election, which represent the feature of our new Yemeni modern era and an authentic continuation far our people very old believes and practices in democracy since ancient ages. Your presence with us today embodies your appreciation far this political direction to which we have committed ourselves and we will not divert from.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Democracy is the choice of the modern age far all peoples of the world and the rescue ship far political regimes particularly in our third world. It is the way to achieve security, stability, development and better future far our countries.

Human rights are tightly connected to democracy and the state of law and order. Therefore, we should remove anything that contradict them and stand against ali forms of discrimination, oppression and exploitation far the human being and his rights.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Respect of states' sovereignty, non-intervention in their internal affairs and protection of human rights in the world should be a priority of the international organizations which call far democracy and bolstering international law in combating the flagrant violations of human rights.

There is no doubt that not all of the world's peoples could enjoy freedom, democracy and human rights as long as there are gaps that widen everyday in the fields of development, economic growth and knowledge and as long as international justice is absent, double standards prevail and human rights violations continue in many countries of the world.

We feel deep sorrow and pain far the sufferings endured by the brotherly Palestinian people. They are suffering stark violations of their rights by the Israeli occupation forces. The world should have its loud voice and firm stance to stop those violations and to pressure Israel to implement the Road Map and adhere to the resolutions of the international legitimacy related to the Arab Israeli conflict in order that just and comprehensive peace might prevail in the region.

The regrettable developments occurring in Iraq are requiring from the United States of America and the allied forces to rapidly end their occupation of Iraq, and to enable the brotherly Iraqi people to freely administer their own affairs to protect the security, stability, sovereignty and unity of Iraq and its territorial integrity.

I welcome you again and we expect together with all good, democratic and peace loving forces that this conference which is being held in Sana'a would come out with a comprehensive deceleration that will represent a clear call far the triumph of the values of freedom, justice, democracy and respect of human rights and far the supremacy of the authority of law so that humanity could enjoy prosperity, progress, security and peace.

May God's peace and mercy be upon you. Thank You.