International Conference on Democracy, Political Reforms and Freedom of Expression

Program - MÖVENPICK HOTEL, Sana'a, 25-26 June 2006


Saturday, 24 June


Welcome dinner at the Military Officers Club hosted by ; Welcome remarks by H.E. Prime Minister Abdul Kader Baja-Mal

Sunday, 25 June


Opening session, Welcome addresses
H.E. Abu Baker Al-Qirbi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yemen
H.E. Emma Bonino, Minister for International Trade and European Affairs, Italy
H.E. Mohamed Ali Dorani, Minister of Information, Pakistan
H.E. Ali Abdullah Saleh, President of the Republic, Yemen

H.E. Abdul Karim El Eryani, former Prime Minister of Yemen

H.E. Bakhtiar Amin, Former Minister of Human Rights, Iraq
Democratic Reform and DAD Activities: Assessment
Representatives of HRITC, NPWJ and TESEV
A Future Vision for Reform in the BMENA Region
H.E. Ambassador Omur Orhun, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey 
H..E Ambassador Riccardo Sessa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italy
Dr Turki Al-Hamad, political analyst, journalist, novelist, Saudi Arabia
H.E. Ambassador Youssef Amrani, Director General Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Morocco
Dr Hoda El-Khatib Chalak, Professor Saint Joseph University, Lebanon
Dr Mohammed Abed Al-Jabri, author, Morocco




Plenary Session: Freedom of Expression
H.E. Taher Al Masri, Director Arab Thought Forum, Jordan
H.E. Mohamed Kamel Rezag Bara, Adviser of the President, Algeria
Introduction by H.E. Mr Ahmad Al Lawzi, Minister of Information, Yemen (5 min)
Freedom of Expression and Good Governance
Ms Flavia Pansieri, United Nations Resident Representative in Yemen (5 min)
Dr Lotfi Hajji, President of Tunisian Journalists Union, Tunisia (5 min)
International and Regional Standards of Freedom of Expression
Dr Abdul Waheed Khan, Deputy Director General UNESCO, India (5 min)
Freedom of Information
Dr Khalil Gebara, Executive Director The Lebanese Transparency Association, Lebanon (5 min)
Mr Ghassan Ben Jeddou, Al Jazeera TV, Lebanon (5 min)


Parallel thematic sessions:
Thematic Session I: Democratic Reform
H.E. Labeed Abbawi, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Iraq
Prof Iyad Barghouthi, General Director Ramallah Human Rights Center, Palestine
Rapporteur: H.E. Ahmed Al-Wahishi, Head of Foreign Minister’s Bureau, Yemen
Political Systems and Democratic Transformation
Dr Abdelwahab Othman, author, United Kingdom
Dr Ibtisam Al Kutbi, Professor of Political Science - UAE University, United Arab Emirates
Democracy and the Rule of Law
Dr Abdul Hussein Shaaban, Chairman of the Human Rights Network, Iraq
Dr Sima Samar, Chairperson of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, Afghanistan
The Role of Civil Society in Democratic Processes
Mr Riad Al Malki, Director of the Panorama Centre for Democracy, Palestine
Dr Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Director of the Khaldun Centre for Developmental Studies, Egypt
Thematic session II: Fostering Freedom of Expression
H.E. Mohamed Ali Dorani, Minister of Information, Pakistan
Mr Abdul Rahman Al Rashed, Chair of the Board of Director, Al Arabia Channel, United Arab Emirates
Rapporteur: H. E. Mohamed Al-Tayeb, Member of the Shura Council, Yemen
The Role of the Media in Promoting and Protecting Freedom of Expression
Mr Said Essoulami, Executive Director of The Centre for Media Freedom in the Middle East and North Africa, Morocco
Mr Hamdi Faragallah, BBC Arabic Service, United Kingdom
Reform of Freedom of Expression Legislation
Dr Daniel Simons, Article 19, The Netherlands
Dr Waheed Abdul Majeed, Al Ahram Strategic Research Center, Egypt

Freedom of Expression and Responsibility
Mr. Melhem Faycal Jalloul, writer and journalist, Lebanon

Dr Abdul Aziz Al Magaleh, writer, Yemen 
Thematic Session III: The Role of Women
H.E. Asma Khader, Director International Institute of Women Solidarity, Jordan
H.E. Ambassador Omur Orhun, BMENA Coordinator Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey
Rapporteur: Dr Fatma Al Sayegh, Professor UAE University, United Arab Emirates
Challenges Facing Women’s Participation in Public Life
Hon Safia Taleb Al-Souhail, Member of Parliament, Iraq

The Role of Women in Reinforcing Democracy
Dr Nada S. Al-Mutawa, Professor - Kuwait University, Kuwait
Promoting the Participation of Women in Public Life
H.E. Amb. Frances Guy, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, United Kingdom


Dinner hosted by H.E. Abu Baker Al-Qirbi, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Monday, 26 June


Resumed Parallel Thematic SeResumed Parallel Thematic Sessions
Presentation, discussion and adoption of thematic session reports within each thematic session, prior to official presentation to the Conference Assembly.


Plenary Session: Presentation of Reports Adopted by  Thematic Sessions
H.E. Ali Mohamed Abdulrahman Fakhro, Former Minister of Education and Health, Bahrain
H.E. Abu Baker Al-Qirbi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yemen




Closing Session
Sana'a Communiqué on Democratic Reform and Freedom of Expression
Closing ceremony