Iraq Project

Promoting the democratic constitution and institution building process in Iraq

Iraq faces extraordinary challenges in its complex transition to democracy. Managing this transition requires the correction of the abuses and distortions of years of autocratic regime by promoting the principles of democracy, the rule of law and human rights called for by the new Iraqi Constitution. The Constitution provides a framework for devolution meant to distribute legislative as well as executive decision-making powers in various fields among federal, regional and local bodies in order to address, in a flexible way, each specific issue which emerges at each of these levels.
Within the framework of its MENA Democracy Program, the NPWJ Iraq Project, started in 2006 and implemented through a strategic partnership with the International Alliance for Justice, is intended to contribute to the constitutional and institution-building process in Iraq by promoting negotiation between leaders from the entire political spectrum on the most politically sensitive issues, including in particular:

By providing opportunities for open and informed debate, the NPWJ Iraq Project aims to prevent or defuse negotiation deadlocks arising from a priori ideological positions and to assist in identifying durable solutions within the flexible framework set by the new federal Constitution.
NPWJ Iraq Special Project is implemented through a strategic partnership with the International Alliance for Justice and is currently funded primarily by the Italian Government; additional funds have also been provided by the Foundation for the Future and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.
The International Alliance for Justice


The International Alliance for Justice (IAJ) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization committed to international solidarity and the protection of human rights through the promotion of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. IAJ was founded in 2001 and is now an extensive network of NGOs with bases in the Near and Middle East as well as beyond.
The IAJ aims to promote and reinforce the emergence of civil society through democratic processes, and to support actions which promote national reconciliation and hold individuals accountable for their actions. To this end, the IAJ has organised and initiated numerous informational and educational programs on human rights, the rights of women, democratic values, fundamental liberties, freedom of expression, the rule of law, and transitional justice. IAJ’s programs support also the search for innovative solutions to long-standing conflicts, encouraging dialogue on issues such as refugees, minorities, and economic, cultural, and social rights. The information campaigns of the IAJ are intended always for ordinary citizens, but aim also to include and engage the leaders of political institutions and organisations across Europe and North America, in addition to their democratic colleagues in the Near and Middle East.
In partnership with NPWJ, IAJ has developed an extensive democracy program, focusing in particular on Iraq’s transition to democracy. Previous events held either in Venice and Rome, Italy, and in Erbil and Bagdad, Iraq, have sought to foster the development of democratic principles amongst both Iraq’s people and leaders by encouraging open and inclusive dialogues on a variety of practical and political sensitive issues.

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