NPWJ Delegation attended the Forum for the Future Meeting in Berlin

Berlin, 22-23 October 2007

No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) attended the subministerial meeting of the Forum for the Future, which took place on 22- 23 October 2007 in Berlin (Germany), the annual meeting of G8 and broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) countries, whose aim is to examine the state of play of democratic reform in the Region.
The NPWJ delegation was composed by prominent non-state actors from the Region, among which Mr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, director of the Ibn Kalhun Center in Cairo, Mr. Bakthiar Amin, former Iraqi Minister for Human rights and President of the International Alliance for Justice, Mr. Mohsen Marzouk, general coordinator of the Al- Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center and Ms. Brigitte Chelebian, Lebanese lawyer.
The NPWJ delegation illustrated the initiatives undertaken - in cooperation with the Italian Government, through International IDEA, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the United Nations Democracy Found (UNDEF) - in the framework of the Democracy Assistance Dialogue (DAD) program and designed to foster productive dialogue between civil society and governments of the MENA Region, through the development of political mechanisms of consultation that recognise non-state actors, NGOs and civil society as a legitimate and necessary counterpart for dialogue with State institutions on issues of democratic reform.