Seminar on Practical federalism in Iraq

Erbil, 10-16 July 2007

Protocol of Cooperation between the Iraqi National Parliament and the Kurdistan National Assembly
In fulfilment of their sense of responsibility and for the purpose of consolidating relations between the Iraqi National Parliament and the Kurdistan National Assembly, and in order to serve the interests of Iraq, which is the function of both parliaments; the following agreement has been reached:

  • To hold joint periodic and frequent meetings between the two Parliaments, in a way that is determined by both Speakers;
  • To exchange draft laws submitted to each of the two Parliaments, for the purpose of coordination and ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Constitution;
  • To coordinate between corresponding Committees of the two Parliaments, exchange information and effective consultation among the members of the two Parliaments;
  • To coordinate and cooperate for full implementation of the articles of the Constitution;
  • To establish two offices: in Baghdad representing the Kurdistan National Assembly and in Erbil representing the Iraqi National Parliament;
  • To exchange information among the two Parliaments on activities and relationships, and to coordinate on public information and communication activities.
  • To create a Joint Committee composed of Members of both Parliaments to implement the points above.

Done in Erbil on
Ariz Abdallah
Shirwan Naseh Al-Haidari
Baha’ Al-Haidari
Hamid Majid Mousa