Statement of participants against terrorist attacks

Venice, 21-23 July 2005

In light of last night’s atrocious bombing in Sharm el-Sheikh, killing more than 50 people, and of the recent terrorist attacks in London as well as the escalation of terrorist violence in Iraq, which claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent Iraqis and also led to the assassination of the Egyptian Ambassador and the kidnapping of two Algerian diplomats,
We, the participants,
Express our outrage at the heinous crimes and our deep sympathy with the families of the victims;
Deplore terrorism in all its forms, wherever it takes place, considering it as a horrific crime against humanity;
Strongly condemn these attacks, which violate the feelings of the overwhelming majority of women and men of our region;
Urge religious leaders across our region to raise their authoritative, loud and clear voices in condemning unequivocally terrorism and the shedding of innocent blood as contrary to the humane principles of Islam and all religions;
Assert the need to go beyond security measures in combating terrorism, to address the root causes of global injustices and regional grievances;
Reiterate that democratic reform, the rule of law and justice are the best possible antidote against terrorism;
Call on civil society to take the lead in promoting tolerance and dialogue as an alternative to violence and hearted.
Say no to the ideology of a clash of civilisations created by the hatred and violence of fringe terrorist groups whose goals is to deny us freedom and basic human rights, throwing our societies back to the dark ages.