Workshop on Peaceful Settlement of Conflicts and Democratic Transition

Doha, Qatar, 29 May 2010

No Peace Without Justice contributed to the Workshop on "Peaceful Settlement of Conflicts and Democratic Transition", convened in Doha, Qatar, on 29-30 May 2010, in the framework of the Forum for the Future 2010. The Doha workshop was organized by the Qatari National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) and the Arab Democracy Foundation (ADF), in coordination with the co-chairs of the 2010 Forum – the governments of Canada and Qatar – and the Canadian civil society counterpart organization, the International Development Research Center (IDRC).
The meeting aimed at promoting productive dialogue on a peer-to-peer basis between civil society and governments of the bMENA Region, G8 and other democratic partners, on issues relating to conflict resolution and democratic transition. The Doha Workshop was intended to provide a setting for concrete exchanges between high-level governmental and non-governmental actors from the bMENA Region aiming at the development of proposals and goals that can be jointly agreed upon by them. The workshop particularly focused on addressing the needs for accountability and transitional justice to be included among reform priorities aimed at narrowing the impunity gap and promoting the Rule of Law in the countries of the Region as well as at analysing the support to be provided to these countries through an in-depth knowledge of transitional justice and the development of technical expertise and assistance in the preparation of national strategies.
The meeting was the first of a series of workshops organised in preparation for the 2010 Forum for the Future, under the Canadian and Qatari co-chairmanship, in coordination with the Democracy Assistance Dialogue (DAD) partnership. The results of the Workshop have been presented to the Ministerial Meeting of the Forum for the Future 2010 in Doha, Qatar, to provide a set of constructive proposals and recommendations that could fruitfully feed the discussion between governments and civil society.
Working paper presented by NPWJ
Program of the workshop
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