Press releases

“International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation”: NPWJ appeals to all States to enact and enforce legislation banning this human rights violation Read More

GAMCOTRAP and NPWJ organise a national workshop to foster implementation of the law banning FGM in The Gambia Read More

CPTAFE and NPWJ organise a national workshop on "BANFGM: towards the elimination of female genital mutilation" in Guinea Read More

Intra-Syrian Geneva talks need clarity on civil society role Read More

Bahrain: NPWJ and NRPTT support visit of opposition leaders in Rome to call for ending repression and promoting meaningful political reform Read More

Bahrain: Joint Civil Society Statement calling to lift travel ban on Nabeel Rajab Read More

Syria: Only civilian protection and accountability will make a political solution viable Read More

Gambia: NPWJ and NRPTT welcome the adoption by the Parliament of a specific legislation banning FGM Read More

UN General Assembly: NPWJ and NRPTT welcome the adoption of the resolution on the protection of human rights defenders Read More

FGM / Senegal: Interview of Khady Koita and Alvilda Jablonko Read More

Bahrain: NPWJ and Hands off Cain join civil society statement condemning the practice of death penalty Read More

The risks of rushing a new Libyan deal Read More

First International Day in Commemoration of Victims of Genocide: NPWJ and NRPTT call for stronger commitment to the fight against impunity Read More

NGO CICC Statement at the 14th session of the ICC Assembly of States Parties, delivered by NPWJ Secretary General Read More

Side event on "Accountability and the Prospect of a Political Solution to the Conflict in Syria" Read More

Gambia: NPWJ and NRPTT welcome proclamation of a ban on FGM by President Jammeh and urge the Parliament to adopt a specific legislation by the end of 2015 Read More

14th ASP to the ICC: NPWJ contributes to side event “Enhancing the Court’s impact on the ground: A strategic approach to ICC field presences and external operations” Read More

International Day: World must protect Children's Rights Read More

“Inside Syrian Regime Prisons: the Caesar Files” Exhibit Read More

NPWJ and the NRPTT condemn the attacks in Paris and pay tribute to the victims Read More

War crimes in Bangladesh: European Union should act decisively in impending miscarriage of justice Read More

NPWJ contributes to the conference on “Iraqi Turkmen Trapped in No-Man's Land: Between Assimilation, Exodus and ISIS” Read More

Egypt: NPWJ and the NRPTT strongly condemn the arrest of prominent journalist Hossam Bahgat as another blow for freedom of expression Read More

Syria: No Word on Activist’s Whereabouts. Bassel Khartabil Transferred to Undisclosed Location on October 3 Read More

European Working Group on Egypt: Open letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron Read More

NPWJ and NRPTT urge India to stand up for justice and not grant impunity to President al-Bashir Read More

International Crisis Group honours Emma Bonino as a champion for peace and justice Read More

NPWJ and UNIDO organise Conference to foster women's entrepreneurship in the MENA Region Read More

Nobel Peace Prize: An important acknowledgment for Tunisia and a signal of hope for all Tunisians Read More

Bahrain: NPWJ and NRPTT join renewed civil society call for al-Singace release as protest hits 200 days Read More