Press releases

NPWJ welcomes Grenada as the 115th State to join the International Criminal Court Read More

NPWJ welcomes Libya arrest warrants’ request: International community must extend full cooperation to the ICC Read More

Ugandan Parliament postpones vote on the anti-homosexuality bill. We dedicate this day to David Kato Kisule Read More

Djibouti should stand up for justice and not grant impunity to President Al-Bashir Read More

Second Contact Group meeting on Libya: NPWJ and the NRPTT call for a full support to the ICC Read More

Impunity not an option for Sri Lanka crimes Read More

NPWJ/NRPTT: Italy should suspend its cooperation agreement with Syria and oppose to its election to the Human Rights Council Read More

David Kato’s murder: Ugandan Ambassador sends shocking letter to the President of the European Parliament Read More

NPWJ and TRP: “Use of Cluster Bombs in high population density areas by Gadhaffi’s armed forces a war crime” Read More

ICTY: Conviction of Gotovina and Markac reaffirms that war crimes can never be justified by other side's conduct Read More

Strengthening cooperation among European and African civil society in the fight against impunity Read More

Côte d’Ivoire: the new government should bring an end to violence and ensure accountability for all crimes committed Read More

NPWJ, Arcigay and Certi Diritti launch the Uganda Legal Fund in memory of David Kato Kisule Read More

ICC and Kenya: NPWJ urges Court to maximise its field presence Read More

NPWJ welcomes the First Lady of Burkina Faso’s call for strong support by all African States for a UNGA resolution banning FGM worldwide Read More

Justice Rapid Response to Begin Transition Read More

Justice and Accountability Key for Tunisia's Democratic Future Read More

European Parliament: NPWJ organises a Public Hearing on Supporting Iranian Civil Society Read More

Accountability for post-election violence: Cooperation with the ICC is Kenya’s best option Read More

International Women's Day: NPWJ salutes women's fight for human rights for all around the world Read More

NPWJ at Press Conference on Libya and the ICC organised by the CICC Read More

NPWJ and the NRPTT welcome Security Council Decision on Libya Read More

Security Council Must Act to end Bloodshed in Libya Read More

Ban FGM: NPWJ and its partners participate to 55th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women Read More

39th Congress of the Transnational Nonviolent Radical Party: A Radical Agenda for a New Democratic Hope Read More

UN resolution banning FGM: the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs meets NPWJ and its partners Read More

“International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM”: widespread support for a worldwide ban on FGM Read More

Europe must stand behind Egypt's democrats Read More

Justice Rapid Response: certified new group of 27 deployable experts strengthens JRR’s operational capabilities Read More

Sign the Appeal calling for a Worldwide Ban on FGM by the UN Read More