Press releases

No Peace Without Justice welcomes Yemen as the 105th state to join the International Criminal Court Read More

Democracy in the Arab world. In Morocco new initiative organised by No Peace Without Justice Read More

CPI-Sudan: primo passo verso la giustizia per il popolo del Darfur Read More

ICC-Sudan: first step towards justice for the people of Darfur Read More

Proteggere le bambine dalle MGF, una questione di pari opportunita' e cambiamento sociale Read More

Seminar on the implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court in Sierra Leone on 11-15 December 2006 Read More

International Criminal Court begins first trial: a milestone for the protection of civilians Read More

Non c’e’ Pace Senza Giustizia riunisce la dirigenza irachena per discutere di federalismo e nuova costituzione Read More

Statement by No Peace Without Justice on the transfer of Charles Taylor to The Hague Read More

ICC issues DRC warrant against Thomas Lubanga. Charges includes Recruitment and Use of child soldiers Read More

Female Genital Mutilation: Bamako Declaration for the abandonment of FGM adopted in Mali Read More

Mutilations Genitales Feminines: adoption au Mali de la Declaration de Bamako pour l’abandon des MGF Read More

Excision / Emma Bonino: a la Conference de Bamako la participation de plus de 1.200 femmes de toute la region depasse toute expectative Read More

MGF/Bonino: a Bamako la partecipazione di olte 1.200 donne da tutta la regione va oltre ogni aspettativa Read More

Emma Bonino in Mali to open the Conference on Female Genital Mutilation and the implementation of the Maputo Protocol organised by No Peace Without Justice Read More

Emma Bonino in Mali per l’apertura della Conferenza su Mutilazioni Genitali Femminili e attuazione del Protocollo di Maputo organizzata da Non c’è Pace Senza Giustizia Read More

Emma Bonino au Mali pour l’ouverture de la Conference sur les Mutilations Genitales Feminines et la mise en oeuvre du Protocole de Maputo organisee par No Peace Without Justice Read More

MGF: "Non c'e' Pace Senza Giustizia" promuove una nuova iniziativa in Mali per accelerare l’attuazione del Protocollo di Maputo Read More

Conferenza Sub-Regionale: "Le mutilazioni genitali femminili e l'implementazione del Protocollo di Maputo" Read More

Yemeni Parliament to discuss ratification of ICC Statute. Important step in Arab world in fight against impunity Read More

Uganda: Stop homophobic campaign launched by Rolling Stone tabloid Read More

NPWJ together with the other members of the CICC call on African States to honor obligations to the Court Read More

General Assembly adopts Resolution on the Moratorium on the death penalty Read More

ICC: African States Parties to the Rome Statute reaffirm their commitment to justice and their support to the ICC Read More

NPWJ welcomes critical step towards banning cluster munitions Read More

Uganda: LGBTI activists sue the Rolling Stone tabloid. Uganda High Court issue an interim order to cease publication Read More

ICC/DRC: No Peace Without Justice welcomes the opening of the trial against Thomas Lubanga as a landmark in the fight against impunity Read More

US: NPWJ decries criminalisation of IHL training Read More

NPWJ and the ALDE Group organize a roundtable discussion on LGBTI rights in Uganda at the European Parliament Read More

Democrazia nella regione MENA: Non c’e’ Pace Senza Giustizia esprime solidarieta’ al Professor Saad Eddin Ibrahim Read More