Press releases

CPI/RDC: Non c’è Pace Senza Giustizia accoglie l’apertura del processo contro Thomas Lubanga come una tappa storica nella lotta contro l’impunità Read More

NPWJ commemorates the fourteenth anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide and calls for the arrest of Ratko Mladic Read More

Uganda: Stop homophobic campaign launched by Rolling Stone tabloid Read More

Democrazia nella regione MENA: Non c’e’ Pace Senza Giustizia esprime solidarieta’ al Professor Saad Eddin Ibrahim Read More

ICC/Darfur: there cannot be lasting peace without justice in Sudan Read More

Elections in Sudan: a reward to impunity for President Al-Bashir Read More

NPWJ congratulates the 9th ASP to the ICC for calling on a stronger international criminal justice system Read More

NPWJ welcomes critical step towards banning cluster munitions Read More

Uganda: LGBTI activists sue the Rolling Stone tabloid. Uganda High Court issue an interim order to cease publication Read More

Gaddafi in Italy: no reward for human rights violations Read More

Haiti: NPWJ welcomes the inauguration of Independent Commission of Inquiry into Les Cayes prison killings Read More

Sri Lanka: NPWJ calls for access to witnesses and sites for UN Panel Read More

NPWJ and the ALDE Group organize a roundtable discussion on LGBTI rights in Uganda at the European Parliament Read More

ICC: African States Parties to the Rome Statute reaffirm their commitment to justice and their support to the ICC Read More

NPWJ welcomes launch of ICC investigation as an important step towards ending impunity in Kenya Read More

MENA democracy: No Peace Without Justice will promote a partnership initiative between governments and civil society at the fifth Forum for the Future ministerial meeting in Abu Dhabi Read More

ICC Review Conference: NPWJ welcomes progress towards a strengthened international criminal justice system Read More

NPWJ welcomes the election of Ivo Josipovic as a confirmation of Croatia’s commitment to rule of law, justice and accountability Read More

Istanbul Workshop on the role of private sector and corporate social responsibility in the bMENA region Read More

NPWJ welcomes release of detained Zimbabwean human rights activist Read More

Egitto: Non c’e’ Pace Senza Giustizia si congratula con Saad Eddin Ibrahim, dissidente egiziano in esilio, dopo la decisione della Corte d’Appello di ribaltare la sentenza, basata su false accuse, che lo condannava a due anni di reclusione Read More

NPWJ welcomes entry into force of International Treaty banning cluster munitions Read More

NPWJ welcomes ICC warrant for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on charges of genocide Read More

General Assembly adopts Resolution on the Moratorium on the death penalty Read More

NPWJ organises Third Certification Workshop on Justice Rapid Response in The Hague from 27 to 29 September 2010 Read More

NPWJ calls on ICC and States Parties to respond strongly to Chad’s failure to arrest President Bashir of Sudan Read More

Accountability for post-election violence in Kenya Read More

ICC/DRC: No Peace Without Justice welcomes the opening of the trial against Thomas Lubanga as a landmark in the fight against impunity Read More

US: NPWJ decries criminalisation of IHL training Read More

ICC: No Peace Without Justice welcomes the confirmation of charges hearing against Jean-Pierre Bemba as an important step in the fight against impunity Read More