Press releases

NPWJ urges Tunisia to stand up for justice and not grant impunity to President al-Bashir Read More

Instance vérité et Justice: Cérémonie de remise du rapport final à la société civile Read More

ICTY Life Sentence for Genocide Reminds Us to Honour the Victims Read More

ICC Prosecutor should indict Secretary Pompeo for obstruction of justice, under Article 70 of the Rome Statute Read More

ANF and NPWJ make an appeal to all Italian lawyers asking that full attention be given to the case of their Iranian colleague, Nasrin Sotoudeh Read More

“Sostenere la lotta contro le MGF: tutelare i diritti delle donne esigendo la piena applicazione della legge” Read More

EU: Renewed Impetus for International Justice Read More

NPWJ and ESDF organise side event on "Death Notifications and Negation of Justice in Syria" Read More

European Parliament to hold hearing on the human rights situation in the Arab Peninsula Read More

Candidature acceptée du Dr Moncef Hamdoun : Une banalisation des violations des droits de l’Homme et de l’impunité Read More

Supporting the Fight against Female Genital Mutilation: Promoting Women's Rights by Demanding the Full Enforcement of Law Read More

European Parliament to hold hearing on the current human rights and humanitarian situation in Yemen Read More

Finale Supercoppa Italiana a Gedda: da vergognarsi Read More

Peninsular Perspectives: Human rights and accountability in the UAE and the region Read More

Diritti Doveri Donne, una lezione di Emma Bonino Read More

Tunisie / Conflit social et politique : Une transition non achevée Read More

Conference: “What Next for Justice in Syria?” Read More

Statement by Gianfranco Dell’Alba, Chair of the NPWJ Board Read More

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women: Political commitment must be turned into concrete and effective policies Read More

Tunisia: "Victims speak out against impunity and in defense of transitional justice" Read More

Bahrain: NPWJ strongly condemns sham trial and life sentences against prominent opposition leaders Read More

Saudi Arabia: Over 160 groups call for accountability following murder of journalist and widespread arrest of women’s rights defenders Read More

Saudi Arabia: NPWJ welcomes European Parliament’s clear, strong stand on the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi Read More

NPWJ Celebrates the International Day Of the Girl and reaffirms our commitment to protect the human rights of girls around the world Read More

NPWJ is proud to present the photographic exhibition UNCUT - La rivoluzione delle donne contro le mutilazioni genitali femminili Read More

Emma Bonino and NPWJ congratulate the newest Nobel Peace Prize Recipients, and urge the international community to live up to their ideals Read More

No Peace Without Justice welcomes the European Parliament Resolution on the situation in Yemen Read More

Letter to President Weah: Endorsing Accountability for Past Crimes at the UN General Assembly Read More

NPWJ and AVSI organise a high level event “From vulnerable to protagonist: empowering women against human rights denial committed “for her own good” Read More

Joint Letter on Establishing an EU Special Representative for International Humanitarian Law and International Justice Read More