01 August 2018 - NPWJ News Digest on International Criminal Justice


Judicial Commission of Pakistan okays female chief justice
by Gulf Times, 01 Aug 2018

The Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP) has unanimously approved appointment of Justice Syeda Tahira Safdar as the new Baluchistan High Court (BHC) chief justice.
She will be the first woman in Pakistan to be elevated as the top judge of a high court. A member of the JCP revealed that the commission took the decision yesterday during a meeting chaired by the Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar. The BHC’s incumbent Chief Justice Muhammad Noor Meskanzai is set to retire on September 1. 

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Rape in conflict zones a multi-faceted and underreported crime
by Swiss Info, 29 Jul 2018

Wartime sexual violence is a grave and growing problem. Yet the term "rape as a weapon of war" does not always capture the reality of this crime in conflict zones, says Dara Kay Cohen, an expert on the subject at Harvard University.
Instances of rape in conflict areas are on the rise. This was the worrying conclusion of a recent conference hosted by TRIAL international, a Swiss NGO, in Geneva. Wartime rape is a prominent subject in Switzerland’s foreign policy, as the country’s ambassador to the UN, Valentin Zellweger, noted in his keynote speech. He reaffirmed the government’s commitments to fight this problem through mediation, legal and institutional support, and efforts to strengthen international criminal law.

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Leading experts call on the criminal justice system to ensure science informs the application of the law in criminal cases related to HIV
by UNAids, 25 Jul 2018

Prosecutions of people living with HIV for acts that pose no risk of HIV exposure or transmission prompt scientists to issue a statement urging the criminal justice system to use science when considering prosecution of HIV non-disclosure, exposure or transmission
A group of 20 leading HIV scientists from around the world have issued a scientific consensus statement urging governments and people working in the legal and justice systems to pay close attention to the significant advances in HIV science to ensure that science informs the application of criminal law in cases related to HIV.

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