01 February 2018 - NPWJ News Digest on LGBTI rights


Zimbabwe's LGBT community: why civil rights and health issues go hand in hand
by News24, 01 Feb 2018

After nearly four decades, Mugabe’s reign is over. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) groups are among those celebrating his departure. But his ouster is unlikely to change the lives of LGBT Zimbabweans, for two main and interlinked reasons. The first is that this group of people remains marginalised and excluded from health policies, particularly around testing and treatment of HIV. The second is that Zimbabwe’s law frames LGBT people as criminals or “would-be” criminals – a constant threat to “normal” (that is, heterosexual) people’s health.

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Indonesian Police Arrest Transgender Women
by Human Rights Watch, 30 Jan 2018

Indonesian police and Sharia (Islamic law) police jointly raided five hair salons owned by transgender women in Aceh province on Saturday. They arrested 12 waria, or trans women, forced them to strip off their shirts, and cut their hair in public. The waria remain detained as of Tuesday morning in Aceh.

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EU bans countries from using 'homosexuality tests' on asylum seekers
by The Independent, 25 Jan 2018

The EU has banned its members from imposing 'homosexuality tests' on asylum seekers, warning that the processes are unreliable and also breach fundamental human rights. In a binding ruling the European Court of Justice said on Thursday that the 28 member states of the EU could not use the psychological evaluations because they amount to “an interference with that person’s right to respect for his private life”. The ruling came after a Nigerian man, identified only as “F”, had his asylum application rejected by the Hungarian government after he claimed he would be persecuted if he were made to return to Nigeria.

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