03 July 2018 - NPWJ News Digest on FGM & women's rights


Poll ranks India the world's most dangerous country for women
by The Guardian, 03 Jul 2018

India is the world’s most dangerous country for women due to the high risk of sexual violence and being forced into slave labour, according to a poll of global experts.
Afghanistan and Syria ranked second and third in a Thomson Reuters Foundation survey of 548 experts on women’s issues, followed by Somalia and Saudi Arabia.

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Egypt law fails to criminalise FGM performed by medics: report
by The New Arab, 03 Jul 2018

Egypt laws against female genital mutiliation do not criminalise the procedure as medical malpractice, a new report has found.
Although FGM is illegal in Egypt, in recent years, there has been a significant shift towards health professionals performing the practice, the report by research organisation 28 Too Many said on Wednesday.
However, there is currently no national legislation in place in Egypt specifying that the performance of FGM by a health professional is medical malpractice.

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Egyptian website seeks to combat Female Genital Mutilation
by Egypt Independent, 01 Jul 2018

A new website, titled “Enough with FGM” has been launched to combat Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), as a part of a wider campaign to raise awareness of the pratice, Vivian Fouad, coordinator of the National Strategy against FGM announced. The website includes religious, health and medical materials seeking to educate readers on the dangers of FGM. It includes video clips from accomplished obstetricians and gynecologists, alongside religious figures, discussing the severity of FGM risks.

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Morocco: Advancing women's rights
by The Parliament, 28 Jun 2018

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has long been a region with the fewest laws on gender equality and violence against women. It seems however that this trend is changing, as illustrated by the recent law adopted in Morocco criminalising female harassment, or in Tunisia last week, where a presidential commission put forward a draft of liberal reforms that includes equal inheritance rights for women. 

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US Supreme Court Chips Away at Women’s Right to Information
by Amanda Klasing, Human Rights Watch, 27 Jun 2018

Former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan once wisely said, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.” Unfortunately, some women in the US will be given less knowledge and information about their reproductive rights, stripping their power to make informed decisions about their lives, health, bodies, and families.
A US Supreme Court decision yesterday elevates the freedom of speech of people working in anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers, which some advocates call fake women’s health clinics because they often lure women in under false pretenses that medical services are provided, over the right to information of the women seeking services there.

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