03 May 2018 - NPWJ News Digest on LGBTI rights


Italy Takes A Grande Step Forward For LGBT Parental Rights
By Above the law, 03 May 2018

 Although Italy may be the international capital for art, it isn’t anywhere close to being the international capital for ART law. That is, assisted reproductive technology (ART). Use of assisted reproductive technology like in vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy is highly regulated, and it is reserved only for those in “stable heterosexual relationships.” I’m not sure many of us, regardless of sexual orientation, can confidently claim that status. In any event, despite the typical Italian skepticism toward ART, last week there was news that a same-sex female couple was permitted to register their donor-conceived son to both women as parents. This was an exciting first!

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N.H. Senate approves transgender rights bill
By Washington Blade, 03 May 2018

The New Hampshire Senate on Wednesday by a 14-10 vote margin approved a bill that would add gender identity to the state’s nondiscrimination law. State Sen. Bette Lasky (D-Nashua) described House Bill 1319 as “a common sense New Hampshire bill.” State Sen. Dan Innis (R-New Castle), who is openly gay, is among the other senators who also spoke in support of the measure before the vote. “Anti-transgender discrimination is wrong,” said Innis. Sexual orientation has been included in New Hampshire’s statewide nondiscrimination law since 1998. The state Senate in 2009 rejected a bill that would have added gender identity to the statute. New Hampshire remains the only New England state without transgender-specific protections in its statewide nondiscrimination law.

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Anti-LGBT Bills in US States Could Derail Adoptions
by Human Rights Watch, 03 May 2018

Lawmakers in Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma have all advanced bills that would allow adoption and foster care agencies to turn away qualified parents based on the agencies’ religious convictions. Effectively they would allow agencies to reject all same-sex couples as potential parents. One of these bills, Oklahoma’s SB 1140, has passed the legislature and now awaits Governor Mary Fallin’s signature. The bills do not balance antidiscrimination protections for LGBT people and religious freedom as proponents claim, but are a blatantly discriminatory backlash against LGBT equality in the United States.

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Meet Illuminator, the online project making space for discussing LGBT issues in Russia
By Open Democracy, 03 May 2018

In 2014, Russian directors Pavel Loparev and Askold Kurov made Children-404, a film about young LGBT people in Russia and the harassment they face. In 2017, Pavel Loparev set up an educational project called Illuminator. This initiative, aimed at parents, uses video lectures by experts and short documentary films to explain the nature of their child’s sexual orientation and suggests how they should react to their coming-out.I spoke to Loparev about the beginnings of Illuminator and where it’s going now, why he moved his husband from New York to Siberia and why coming out in Russia is necessary, but risky.

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