04 December 2017 - NPWJ News Digest on Middle East and North Africa democracy


China to deploy troops to fight alongside Assad in Syria
by MEMO, 04 Dec 2017

China is planning to send troops to Syria to aid President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces, according to the New Khaleej. According to informed sources, the move comes as China becomes increasingly concerned with the presence of Islamic militants in the East Turkestan region, who have been sighted aiding opposition groups in Syria.

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Israeli police question Benjamin Netanyahu ally as tens of thousands flood streets in anti-corruption protest
By The Independent, 03 Dec 2017

Israeli police have questioned a close ally of Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges a day after tens of thousands of Israelis poured onto the streets of Tel Aviv for an anti-corruption rally calling on the Prime Minister to resign. Coalition whip David Bitan was interrogated in relation to accusations he promoted the interests of criminals in return for debt relief while he was a municipal politician before being elected to parliament.

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Yemen's rebel alliance disintegrates as rivals fight for control of Sana'a
By The Guardian , 02 Dec 2017

Violent clashes between rival factions in Yemen’s rebel-held capital have continued for the fourth straight day as forces loyal to a former president and Iran-backed Houthi rebels faced off in the streets of Sana’a, signalling disintegration in the rebel alliance that has been at war with a Saudi-led coalition for nearly three years.

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How an Egyptian village became a target of the Islamic State
By Washington Post, 27 Nov 2017

CAIRO — Before their village became a killing field, it was a sanctuary. Many of the 305 people slaughtered at a mosque in the village of Rawda on Friday had moved there to escape clashes between the Islamic State and Egyptian security forces elsewhere in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, witnesses said. The village had become sort of a motherland to its mostly Sufi Muslim residents, who saw safety in numbers.

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