04 February 2021 - NPWJ News Digest on Environmental Justice & Human Rights


Climate change’s bogeyman isn’t only big oil
The Financial Times, 04 Feb 2021

Big oil is in the hot seat. Again. Two weeks ago, the US Supreme Court heard arguments on whether a lawsuit brought by Baltimore city officials against oil companies belongs in state courts, which favours the plaintiffs, or in federal courts, where oil companies stand a better chance of winning. A ruling on the case — expected later this year — could cost (or save) the industry billions.

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Amnesty urges bold action to clean up the battery industry
Amnesty International , 04 Feb 2021

Ensuring clean and green battery supply chains must be a priority for businesses and governments during the post-pandemic recovery, Amnesty International said today. The organization has published a set of principles for ensuring that lithium-ion batteries, which power electric vehicles and many electronic devices, and which are essential for tackling climate change, are not linked to human rights abuses or environmental harm.

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Change in the air: US to restart review of big offshore wind farm
Aljazeera, 04 Feb 2021

The Biden administration said on Wednesday it would restart permitting for the first key offshore wind farm in the United States, reversing a Trump administration decision that cancelled the process late last year.

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Court Faults France Over ‘Ecological Damage’ From Its Emissions Levels
The New York Times, 03 Feb 2021

A French court ruled on Wednesday that France had caused “ecological damage” by insufficiently reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, a landmark decision that environmentalists said they hoped would be more than merely symbolic as such cases are increasingly brought to courts internationally.

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They Want to Start Paying Mother Nature for All Her Hard Work
The New York Times, 02 Feb 2021

The global system is built on buying and selling, but often, no one pays for the most basic goods and services that sustain life — water to drink, soil to grow food, clean air to breathe, rain forests that regulate the climate.

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US unions, environmentalists disagree about oil and gas pipelines
Aljazeera, 01 Feb 2021

Environmentalists and labour unions that threw their support behind US President Joe Biden now find themselves on the opposite sides of a battle about the construction of big pipeline projects between Canada and the United States.

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