05 December 2023 NPWJ News Digest on FGM & Women’s Rights


Hamas planned sexual violence as weapon of war - Israeli campaigner
BBC, 04 Dec 2023

Hamas had a premeditated plan to use sexual violence as a weapon of war, an Israeli women's rights campaigner and lawyer has said.

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Australia: Increase Support for Women’s Rights Globally
Human Rights Watch, 04 Dec 2023

(Sydney) – The Australian government should expand its efforts to promote and defend the rights of women and girls around the world, Human Rights Watch said today. In many countries, governments are increasingly attacking reproductive rights, targeting women’s rights defenders, imposing abusive “guardianship” systems over women and girls, and disregarding the disproportionate toll of the climate crisis on women.

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‘In constant danger’: The women fleeing oppression in Saudi Arabia for the West
iNews, 03 Dec 2023

“I tried to leave my whole life,” she says. “From a really young age I felt that this place is a time bomb. I was counting the days, feeling in constant danger, feeling a constant threat over my life. And when I was 15, I decided I’m going to make a plan to leave.”

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‘My friends were amazed’: Nigerian women break ‘male’ jobs barrier amid cost-of-living crisis
The Guardian, 02 Dec 2023

At the Owode Ede bus stop, Bunmi Adewale steers her brightly painted yellow auto rickshaw with one hand, using the other to gesture to passengers to hop in. Her rent is due, and she has to get up and be out by 6am, to earn as much as possible. “My job is a challenging one, but I have no choice but to engage in it to fend for my family,” says Adewale, a mother of two from Kwara state, in the west of Nigeria.

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Married to my rapist: The Indian women saying no
CNN, 01 Dec 2023

Behind the closed doors of bedrooms across India, the anachronistic opinions of a 17th Century jurist still guide the rules of sex between husband and wife.

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Landmark UN Report Calls for Sex Work Decriminalization
Human Rights Watch, 28 Nov 2023

The struggle for sex worker rights has been a marathon, not a sprint, but the chorus of voices calling for an end to stigma, abuse, and criminalization is growing. The United Nations Working Group on discrimination against women and girls released a landmark report in October calling for the full decriminalization of voluntary adult sex work globally.

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