06 April 2021 - NPWJ News Digest on FGM & women's rights


Funeral held for Salvadoran woman killed in Mexico police custody
Al Jazeera, 05 Apr 2021

A Salvadoran woman who died at the hands of Mexican police has been buried in the southwest of El Salvador, in the presence of family and close friends. About 50 of Victoria Esperanza Salazar’s friends and relatives, many wearing floral arrangements, walked through the La Generosa cemetery in colonial Sonsonate, 40 miles (65 kilometres) west of the capital, San Salvador, to her final resting place on Sunday.

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Lessons from the past: protecting women and girls from violence during COVID-19
The Conversation, 05 Apr 2021

COVID-19 has impacted women and girls around the globe in adverse ways. However, little attention has been paid to women and girls in humanitarian settings, those whose safety has already been reduced due to conflict, natural disaster or displacement. For these women and girls, COVID-19 has made them particularly vulnerable to increases in gender-based violence.

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A Soccer Official Proved Her Discrimination Case. No One Was Punished.
The New York Times, 05 Apr 2021

The ruling, when it eventually came, could not have been more clear. One of soccer’s six regional bodies had engaged in discriminatory behavior against a female official by hindering her chances of getting a seat on its board and a leadership position with the sport’s global governing body, FIFA.

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Niger body urges independent probe into ‘rapes’ by Chadian troops
Al Jazeera, 03 Apr 2021

Niger’s human rights commission has called for an independent inquiry following alleged rapes, including that of an 11-year old girl, by Chadian soldiers deployed in the country to help fight armed groups. The commission’s preliminary findings, published on Friday and based on testimonies and medical examinations between March 31 and April 1, were that two other women were raped.

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How the U.N. is combatting COVID-19's "devastating" blow to women
CBS News, 02 Apr 2021

Women's gains in society have been dealt a serious blow by the coronavirus pandemic. The World Economic Forum estimates that the fallout from the virus could add another generation to the fight for gender equality, a goal it now predicts to be more than 100 years off. In the face of this crisis, the branch of the United Nations that deals specifically with women's rights, U.N. Women, has launched a campaign to accelerate the implementation of commitments made by countries during the historic Fourth World Conference on Women. It was at that 1995 gathering in Beijing that then-first lady Hillary Clinton said, "women's rights are human rights."

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‘They Told Us Not to Resist’: Sexual Violence Pervades Ethiopia’s War
The New York Times, 01 Apr 2021

Mona Lisa lay on a hospital bed in Mekelle, the main city in war-torn northern Ethiopia, her body devastated but her defiance on display. Named for the iconic painting, the 18-year-old Ethiopian high school graduate had survived an attempted rape that left her with seven gunshot wounds and an amputated arm. She wanted it to be known that she had resisted. “This is ethnic cleansing,” she said. “Soldiers are targeting Tigrayan women to stop them giving birth to more Tigrayans.”

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