06 November 2019 - NPWJ News Digest on International Criminal Justice


MI5 policy 'gives agents legal immunity to commit serious crimes'
The Guardian, 05 Nov 2019

MI5 operates a partially secret policy that allows agents to participate in serious crimes including torture and killing, a security tribunal has heard. In a challenge to the intelligence service’s handling of agents, lawyers for a coalition of human rights groups have questioned the legality and extent of the powers.

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Lebanon: Investigate excessive use of force including use of live ammunition to disperse protests
Amnesty International , 01 Nov 2019

The Lebanese army used excessive force, including live fire, to disperse protests in northern Lebanon, seriously injuring at least two people according to eyewitness testimony and analysis of verified video footage, Amnesty International said today.

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CIA-backed Afghan forces possibly committing war crimes: HRW
AlJazeera, 31 Oct 2019

CIA-backed Afghan strike forces are once again under fire in Afghanistan, this time for tactics - night-time raids into homes in remote villages, forced disappearances, attacks on healthcare facilities and summary executions - that Human Rights Watch says amount to "atrocities" and possible "war crimes".

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Peruvian loggers charged in Amazon deaths
Associated Press, 31 Oct 2019

Authorities in Peru have charged five men in the timber industry with the 2014 murders of four indigenous activists who had battled illegal logging in the Amazon jungle.

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Germany charges two Syrians with crimes against humanity
The Guardian, 29 Oct 2019

Germany has charged two alleged former Syrian secret service officers with crimes against humanity, federal prosecutors have announced, a key step in a patchwork of international efforts to seek justice for atrocities committed during the country’s long civil war. 

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