07 Feb 2024 - NPWJ News Digest on International Criminal Justice


ICC ‘turf war’ blocking Ukrainian bid to have top Russians tried, advocate says
The Guardian, 06 Feb 2024

Philippe Sands KC backs Ukrainian call for international tribunal to prosecute Kremlin leaders for crime of aggression.

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Shocking spike in use of unlawful lethal force by Israeli forces against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank
Amnesty International, 05 Feb 2024

With the world’s eyes fixed on Gaza, Israeli forces have over the past four months unleashed a brutal wave of violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, carrying out unlawful killings, including by using lethal force without necessity or disproportionately during protests and arrest raids, and denying medical assistance to those injured, said Amnesty International.

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Türkiye: Ensure Accountability for Deaths in Earthquake
Human Rights Watch, 02 Feb 2024

Trials of real estate developers, building controllers, and technical personnel have opened in recent months. But not a single public official, elected mayor, or city council member has yet faced trial for their role in approving numerous construction projects that fell far short of safe building standards or for failing to take measures to protect people living in buildings known to have structural problems in a region with a high risk of seismic activity.

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One week after ICJ ruling, is Israel following the court’s orders?
Al Jazeera, 02 Feb 2024

In the week since the ICJ’s ruling, Israeli forces have continued their military offensive in Gaza, and nearly 1,000 more Palestinians have been killed.

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UAE has funded political assassinations in Yemen, BBC finds
BBC, 23 Jan 2024

Training provided by Amercian mercenaries - hired by the UAE in 2015 - has then been used by Emiratis to instruct locals, sparking a surge in targeted killings, a whistleblower says. Under international law, any killing of civilians without due process would be counted as extra-judicial.

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