08 August 2019 - NPWJ News Digest on LGBTI Rights


Effort to roll back transgender rights fails in Uruguay
Reuters, 06 Aug 2019

A ballot-box effort to roll back transgender rights in Uruguay failed to draw enough voters to the polls to trigger a national referendum, prompting LGBT+ rights supporters to declare victory on Monday over the conservative-backed initiative.

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Coca-Cola featured same-sex couples in a Hungarian ad campaign. That has triggered calls for a boycott.
The Washington Post, 06 Aug 2019

Coca-Cola is facing intense criticism in Hungary over an ad campaign featuring same-sex couples, the latest instance of a vocal anti-gay backlash across parts of post-communist central Europe.

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Cypriot bishop faces hate speech inquiry over homophobic remarks
The Guardian, 04 Aug 2019

Police in Cyprus have opened an investigation into homophobic remarks made by a controversial bishop. At the request of the island’s attorney general, investigators will examine whether the Greek Cypriot Orthodox prelate, known popularly by his first name, Neophytos, violated hate speech laws 

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Polish Court Rebukes “LGBT-Free Zone” Stickers
Human Rights Watch, 01 Aug 2019

A court in Poland has ruled that a newspaper must stop including hateful “LGBT-Free Zone” stickers in its publications. The Warsaw District Court ordered Gazeta Polska, a government-aligned newspaper, to halt distribution of the stickers immediately, pending the outcome of a rights activist’s case.

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