09 October 2017 - NPWJ News Digest on Middle East and North Africa democracy


Christians and Yazidis see a bleak future in a proposed independent Kurdish state
by Washington Post, 09 Oct 2017

BASHIQA, Iraq — Shortly after the Islamic State was pushed out of his home town last year, Ivan Abdulla bought a new house in the traditionally Yazidi enclave. It was an investment in the place where generations of his family were raised, he said.  But the father of three already regrets his decision.  The hilltop town of mostly Yazidis and Christians — two of Iraq’s most vulnerable minorities — has become the focus of a tug of war between the Iraqi government and the Kurdish region since a Kurdish vote for independence last week.Bashiqa is legally part of Iraq but controlled by Kurdish security forces. Kurdish officials see it as part of a future state. Once again, the town’s future has suddenly been thrown into doubt.

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At least 100 European Isis fighters 'to be prosecuted in Iraq, with most facing death penalty
By The Independent , 07 Oct 2017

At least 100 European Isis fighters will be prosecuted in Iraq, with most facing the death penalty, the country’s ambassador to Belgium has reportedly said. Jawad al-Chlaihawi said Belgians were among those detained, along with jihadists from Russia, Chechnya and Central Asia.

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Yemen's unpaid teachers strike as education crisis deepens
By BBC, 05 Oct 2017

"I had to quit my job as a teacher to find a way to provide for my family," says Yousef, a former primary school teacher from Sanaa now working as a builder. Yousef is only one of thousands of school teachers in areas of Yemen controlled by the rebel Houthi movement who have been forced to find an alternative income after not being paid for a year.

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UN ‘Blacklists’ Saudi-led Coalition for Violations against Children
By Human Rights Watch, 05 Oct 2017

The United Nations is finally calling out the Saudi Arabia-led coalition for horrific attacks that have killed hundreds of Yemeni children. After months of controversy, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has placed the coalition on his annual “list of shame” for violations against children. For more than two years, child casualties and other abuses against children have been mounting in Yemen. Human Rights Watch has documented the Saudi-led coalition, Houthi-Saleh forces, and other parties killing and maiming children, arbitrarily detaining and disappearing them, recruiting them to fight, attacking their schools and hospitals or stopping desperately needed aid from reaching them.

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