09 September 2020 - NPWJ News Digest on International Criminal Justice


‘Kill All You See’: In a First, Myanmar Soldiers Tell of Rohingya Slaughter
The New York Times, 08 Sep 2020

Video testimony from two soldiers supports widespread accusations that Myanmar's military tried to eradicate the ethnic minority in a genocidal campaign. The two soldiers confess their crimes in a monotone, a few blinks of the eye their only betrayal of emotion: executions, mass burials, village obliterations and rape.

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Spanish trial brings hope of justice for victims of Salvadoran death squads
The Guardian, 07 Sep 2020

Thirty years after murder of eight people, including six Jesuits, those who ordered deaths may finally face consequences. Using proceedings brought under the principle of universal jurisdiction – which allows human rights crimes committed in one country to be investigated in another – a former Salvadoran army colonel who was also a security minister has been on trial in Madrid, accused of involvement in the “decision, design and execution” of the murders.

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"Colombia does not have massacres, only 185 deaths so far this year"
Open Democracy, 04 Sep 2020

The massacres' figures for the month that just ended in Colombia are terrifying. On August 2, in the rural area of ​​La Gabarra, Norte de Santander, 6 peasants were massacred. On August 12, in Llano Verde, Cali, they massacred 5 children. On August 13, in Corinto, Cauca, they massacred 2 indigenous people. On August 15, in Samaniego, Nariño, 8 students were massacred. On August 18, in the Pialapí indigenous reservation, in Pueblo Viejo, 3 indigenous people were massacred. On August 21, in Tambo, Cauca, 6 peasants were massacred. On August 21, in Arauca, they massacred 5 peasants. On August 22, in the rural area of ​​La Guacamaya in Llorente, Tumaco, 6 peasants were massacred. On August 26, on the road that connects the municipalities of Ocaña and Ábrego in Norte de Santander, they massacred 3 young people. On August 28, in the Andes, Antioquia, they massacred 3 young men. Total in August: 47.

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The crisis in Mali must be a wake-up call for a new response in the Sahel: Statement from the People’s Coalition for the Sahel
ReliefWeb, 02 Sep 2020

As members of the People’s Coalition for the Sahel, a group of civil society organisations from Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and beyond, we stand together with the Malian people during the current political crisis. We call on the Malian authorities, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union and governments and institutions with influence in the region to ensure that any intervention puts the needs and rights of Mali’s most vulnerable people at its heart, and reinforces, rather than jeopardises, vital humanitarian, development, democratic governance, peacebuilding and human rights efforts in the country.

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Iran: Detainees flogged, sexually abused and given electric shocks in gruesome post-protest crackdown – new report
Amnesty International, 02 Sep 2020

Widespread torture including beatings, floggings, electric shocks, stress positions, mock executions, waterboarding, sexual violence, forced administration of chemical substances, and deprivation of medical care. Iran’s police, intelligence and security forces, and prison officials have committed, with the complicity of judges and prosecutors, a catalogue of shocking human rights violations, including arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, torture and other ill-treatment, against those detained in connection with the nationwide protests of November 2019, said Amnesty International in a damning new report published today.

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