1 March 2018 - NPWJ News Digest on on LGBTI rights


This court ruling could help change the scope of gay rights in America
by Vox, 01 Mar 2018

A federal appeals court just handed down a huge ruling in favor of gay rights. On Monday, the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that anti-gay discrimination in the workplace is prohibited under Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964. The law doesn’t explicitly ban anti-gay discrimination, instead banning discrimination based on sex. LGBTQ activists, however, have long argued that the ban on sex discrimination should cover anti-gay discrimination as well. The Second Circuit Court agreed.

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Same-sex marriage has become a political football in Italy's elections
by Open Democracy, 01 Mar 2018

Ahead of Italy’s national elections on 4 March, towns and cities across the country were plastered with posters to “defend the traditional family” – an electoral slogan of the the anti-immigration and anti-LGBTQI equality right-wing party Fratelli d’Italia (FDI; Italian for “Brothers of Italy”). Direct descendants of the ‘post-fascist’ Movimento Sociale Italiano, FDI is expected to make its mark on this year’s election, its second since forming in 2012.

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Indonesia Urged to Reject Homosexual Criminalisation by United Nations
by Eikōn, 01 Mar 2018

The South-East Asian nation of Indonesia is being urged to reject proposed moves with to criminalise homosexuality within its borders.The Indonesian government who is currently in the process of implementing such legislation has found itself facing widespread criticism from other nations, human rights groups, and the United Nations.

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Landmark LGBT rights case in Kenya High Court
by Mshale, 21 Feb 2018

Kenya’s High Court will hear a case on Thursday seeking to strike down sections of the country’s laws that criminalize same sex relations, the Kenyan National Gay and Lesbian Rights Commission (NGLHRC) said on Tuesday. The case was filed in 2016. NGLHRC said it would argue that sections of the Kenyan Penal Code are in breach of the constitution and deny basic rights to the country’s citizens.

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