10 June 2021 - NPWJ News Digest on Environmental Justice & Human Rights

NPWJ press release

World Environment Day: NPWJ calls for enhanced action to prevent deforestation and human rights violations in Amazonia
No Peace Without Justice, 05 Jun 2021

Every year, on 5 June we celebrate the World Environment Day, which since 1974 has engaged governments, businesses and citizens in an effort to address pressing environmental issues. This year, the World Environment Day marks the beginning of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, which is the prevention, halt and reversion of damage to the ecosystems to ensure a sustainable future for all. 

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X-Press Pearl: The 'toxic ship' that caused an environmental disaster
BBC, 10 Jun 2021

Earlier last month, a cargo ship carrying chemicals caught fire off the coast of Sri Lanka - leaving in its wake an environmental disaster that the island will likely have to live with for decades. For days it stood burning off the Sri Lanka coast, plumes of thick dark smoke that could be seen from miles away. But the X-Press Pearl has now fallen silent, lying half sunken off the coast of Sri Lanka, its hull resting on the shallow ocean bed.

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EU and U.S. eye more collaboration on climate change, summit draft says
Reuters, 09 Jun 2021

The leaders of the European Union and the United States are set to pledge deeper cooperation on tackling climate change, according to a draft statement prepared for a summit in Brussels next week.

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Israel's Environment Minister Pushes to Reverse UAE Oil Pipeline Deal
Haaretz, 08 Jun 2021

Israel's environmental protection minister on Tuesday called on the head of the National Security Council to cancel the oil transport deal recently signed with the United Arab Emirates due to environmental and security concerns. Minister Gila Gamliel warned in a letter to National Security Council head Meir Ben Shabbat that transporting the petrol through Israel would cause environmental damage and the increased risk of attacks on vessels and storage facilities in the region.

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Mining tin from the sea in Indonesia
Al Jazeera, 08 Jun 2021

From the shores of Indonesia’s Bangka island, miners like Hendra head out by boat every day to a fleet of crudely built wooden pontoons off the coast that are equipped to dredge the seabed for lucrative deposits of tin ore. Indonesia is the world’s biggest exporter of tin used in everything from food packaging to electronics and now green technologies.

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Hawaii bill seeks to gut funding aimed at protecting environment from tourism
The Guardian, 07 Jun 2021

Since 1998, the Hawaiian Tourism Authority (HTA) – the state’s leading agency to manage tourism – has had its focus largely on marketing Hawaii to the world. But in 2019, when the state hit a record of over 10 million tourists, the milestone taxed residents, and caused significant environmental impacts on trails, beaches and sacred sites.

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Chile activists eye chance for unmatched environmental protection
Al Jazeera, 05 Jun 2021

Chile’s newly elected constitutional assembly will be meeting this month for the first time to kick off a nine-month process of drafting a new doctrine to guide the country, throwing aside the previous dictatorship-era constitution. May’s election saw major Chilean political parties lose out to independents, with President Sebastian Piñera‘s right-wing coalition, Chile Vamos, only clocking one-fifth of the 155 seats.

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On World Environment Day, Kabwe’s Children Still Await Clean-Up
Human Rights Watch, 05 Jun 2021

This June 5 is World Environment Day, which kicks off the “United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration”. Ecosystem restoration is about preventing, halting and reversing environmental damage. It is  hugely important  globally but especially in Zambia, where mining and other economic activities have caused significant harm. Take the case of lead mining in Kabwe: from 1904 to 1994, the city was home to a mine and smelter that polluted the environment with extremely high levels of toxic lead. 

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