11 November 2020 - NPWJ News Digest on International Criminal Justice


Saudi Arabia: 4 wounded in bomb blast at WWI memorial in Jeddah
Al Jazeera , 11 Nov 2020

Attack occurred at a World War I commemoration ceremony attended by European diplomats. Several people were wounded on Wednesday when an explosive device hit a ceremony commemorating the end of World War I at a cemetery in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah. France’s foreign ministry said several countries had representatives at the commemoration attended by European diplomats.

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A chance for the US to change its tune on justice
The Interpreter, 10 Nov 2020

The US can’t have it both ways. It either supports international justice, as it should, or it doesn’t. To both support and criticise international justice invites accusations of hypocrisy and a lack of sincerity in US foreign policy. This is particularly so when the US, as a permanent member the UN Security Council, refers situations of potential international crimes in other states to the ICC – as it did in the case of Libya – but then vocally decries the Court’s intervention in its own affairs. Biden should pivot from Trump’s contempt for the ICC and reframe US policy on international justice as universal and inclusive, rather than selective and circumstantial, presenting himself as a global leader who values justice and the rule of law. Effective international justice requires global support, and the US is a critical part of that global community. 

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Inquiry launched into EU commission's protection of migrants at Croatia border
The Guardian, 10 Nov 2020

An official inquiry has been launched into the European commission’s alleged failure to protect the rights of migrants and refugees said to have been robbed and abused by police at Croatia’s borders. The EU ombudsman is investigating the potential complicity of the EU’s executive branch in the maladministration of funds that should have been spent on supervising the behaviour of border officers working at the scene of some of the violence.

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Turmoil threatens Peru as Congress votes to impeach president
Al Jazeera , 10 Nov 2020

In a process that lasted eight hours, some 105 members of the opposition-dominated Congress voted to remove the centrist leader over accusations that as a governor he accepted bribes from companies that won public works contracts, in their second attempt to boot Vizcarra out in as many months. The removal of a president with widespread public support thanks to his anti-corruption drive brings renewed political turmoil to the Andean nation as it tries to recover from an economic recession brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Kosovo president resigns to face war crimes court in The Hague
The Jakarta Post, 06 Nov 2020

The 52-year-old announced he was stepping down to "protect the integrity" of the presidency after a judge confirmed an indictment against him linked to the 1990s conflict with Serbia, when Thaci was political chief of the rebel Kosovo Liberation Army. The indictment charges Thaci and three other suspects who are also in detention with war crimes and crimes against humanity, including murder, torture, illegal detention, enforced disappearances and persecution, the court said.

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