12 July 2018 - NPWJ News Digest on LGBTI rights


SC on verge of decriminalising gay sex, govt leaves it to 'wisdom of courts'
by Times of India, 12 Jul 2018

NEW DELHI: The Centre's decision not to oppose decriminalisation of Section 377, leaving it to the Supreme Court's "wisdom", buoyed the court on Wednesday to outline its impending ruling that two consenting adults, even if engaged in "unnatural sex", will not face prosecution.

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‘They Were Abusing Us the Whole Way’: A Tough Path for Gay and Trans Migrants
by The New York Times, 11 Jul 2018

TIJUANA, Mexico — Jade Quintanilla had come to the northernmost edge of Mexico from El Salvador looking for help and safety, but five months had passed since she had arrived in this border town, and she was still too scared to cross into the United States and make her request for asylum.

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Activists create hidden Pride flag in Russia to protest anti-LGBTQ laws
by Mashable, 11 Jul 2018

It's illegal to display the Pride flag in Russia, but these activists found a way around that in the form of a secret flag made from football jerseys. A Spanish digital agency teamed up with Spanish LGBTQ organisation FELGTB to create the "Hidden Flag" protest on the streets of Moscow during the World Cup. 

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Pressure mounts on Hong Kong libraries to put LGBTI books back on shelves
by Gaystar, 11 Jul 2018

Pressure is increasing on Hong Kong’s public libraries to return LGBTI themed children’s books to the shelves.
In June a conservative group successfully lobbied for the removal of ten LGBTI themed children’s books from library shelves.
The ten titles are now in under lock and key in the libraries. People interested in reading them, must ask for them to be unlocked.

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Colombia failing to stem murders of LGBT people
by Reuters, 06 Jul 2018

BOGOTA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Colombia has made no progress in stopping killings of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, campaigners said, as new research showed more than 100 were killed last year despite an overall fall in the murder rate.

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