13 December 2017 - NPWJ News Digest International Criminal Justice


Al-Bashir case: ICC Pre-Trial Chamber II decides to refer Jordan’s non-cooperation to the ASP and UNSC
by ICC, 13 Dec 2017

Today, 11 December 2017, Pre-Trial Chamber II of the International Criminal Court ("ICC" or "Court") found that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a State Party to the ICC Rome Statute since 2002, failed to comply with its obligations under the Statute by not executing the Court's request for the arrest of Omar Al-Bashir and his surrender to the Court while he was on Jordanian territory attending the League of Arab States' Summit on 29 March 2017. The Chamber decided to refer the matter of Jordan's non-compliance to the Assembly of States Parties of the Rome Statute ("ASP") and the United Nations Security Council ("UNSC").

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North Korea: Inquiry finds Kim Jong-un should be investigated and prosecuted for crimes against humanity
by International Bar Association, 13 Dec 2017

A new report, authored by three internationally renowned judges – Navanethem ‘Navi’ Pillay, Thomas Buergenthaland Mark B Harmon – under the auspices of the International Bar Association (IBA) War Crimes Committee, calls on the international community to vest in the International Criminal Court (ICC) or a special international tribunal the power to investigate crimes against humanity committed in North Korea’s political prisons, and to hold culpable parties accountable for their crimes, including ‘Supreme Leader’ Kim Jong-un, members of the Workers’ Party of Korea and its Politburo, internal security officials and prison guards. 

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Rwanda urges France to admit alleged complicity in 1994 genocide
by Financial Times, 13 Dec 2017

Kigali has stepped up pressure on Paris to overcome its alleged complicity in the Rwandan genocide of 1994 which at least 800, 000 Tutsi and their Hutu sympathisers were killed. 

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EU leaders complicit in torture of refugees and migrants, Amnesty says
by The Guardian, 13 Dec 2017

European leaders stand accused by Amnesty International of being knowingly complicit in the torture and exploitation of thousands of migrants and refugees by the EU-financed Libyan coastguard and officials running the country’s detention camps.

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Gambia: Truth Commission to Uncover Jammeh Abuses
by Amnesty International , 13 Dec 2017

(Banjul) – Gambia’s truth commission bill, to be debated on December 13, 2017, is an important opportunity to shed light on human rights violations committed during the rule of former President Yahya Jammeh, Human Rights Watch said today. The National Assembly should amend the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission bill to prohibit amnesties for those responsible for extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, rape, or torture, in accordance with international law and practice.

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