14 November 2019 - NPWJ News Digest on LGBTI Rights


Suicide rates fall after gay marriage legalised in Sweden and Denmark
The Guardian, 14 Nov 2019

Suicide rates among those in same-sex relationships have fallen significantly in both Denmark and Sweden since the legalisation of gay marriage, according to a study, although whatever their marital status, homosexual people remain more likely to take their own life.

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Same-sex marriage: Gay couples' action on 'delay' in NI
BBC News, 14 Nov 2019

 Same-sex marriage campaigners have said they will start a legal challenge to force the government to allow gay couples in Northern Ireland to convert their civil partnerships into marriage. The first gay marriages in Northern Ireland are expected to take place in February, after they were legalised in legislation passed by MPs in October.

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'This Revolution Has Raised the Bar.' How Lebanon's Protests Have Created a Surprising Space for LGBT Rights
Time, 13 Nov 2019

 Through an expanse of red, white and green Lebanese flags in downtown Beirut on a Saturday night, a young woman’s voice emerges from a megaphone, leading chants against sectarianism and corruption in a spontaneous rally. Such protests have become the norm across Lebanon in recent weeks as people take to the streets to demand an end to corruption and an overhaul of the current political system.

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Uganda charges 67 after raid on gay bar
Reuters, 12 Nov 2019

A Ugandan court charged 67 people with causing a nuisance on Tuesday after they were arrested in a gay-friendly bar, in a move condemned by activists as the latest “homophobic” attack. The 67 - who were among 127 arrested at Ram Bar, in the capital, Kampala, on Sunday - could face up to one year in jail if found guilty, said Patricia Kimera, a lawyer for the group.

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Singapore court to hear cases seeking to decriminalise gay sex
AlJazeera, 12 Nov 2019

As a Singapore court prepares to hear a series of legal challenges to a law that bans gay sex, LGBT+ activists on Tuesday called for the "right" verdict to be delivered so similar reforms can be triggered across other parts of Asia.

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