14 Sept 2018 - NPWJ News Digest on Libya


Libyan figures launch national reconciliation initiative in Tunisia
The Libya Observer, 13 Sep 2018

“Libyan Peace Group” launched in Tunisia on Wednesday an initiative for a comprehensive reconciliation that end Libya’s crisis. The group contains representatives from February 17 revolutionaries, Gaddafi regime figures and others loyal to Khalifa Haftar’s forces in east Libya, besides tribal and local figures. “The Presidential Council should be pressured into mandating ints authorities to a mini-national-government of technocrats with a specific timeline for specific aims that end the current crisis.” A Representative for the revolutionaries, Basim Al-Erifi, said in a presser in Tunisia, where the initiative was announced. Al-Erifi said the initiative can be best materialized by ending conflicts, disbanding armed formations, a ceasefire, and reactivating the police and military institutions.

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UN renews Libya mission, delays vote indefinitely
Al Jazeera, 13 Sep 2018

The UN Security Council has extended the mandate for the UNSMIL mission in Libya by another year, until September 15, 2019, but did not endorse a December 10 date for elections that were agreed to in a Paris meeting four months ago. France stuck to its position pushing for elections in Libya by the end of the year on Thursday, a day after Italy and the UN-backed government in Tripoli sowed doubts on the electoral calendar, citing a worsening security situation.

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NOC says Libyan oil output normal despite attack on its headquarters
Reuters, 12 Sep 2018

Libya’s state oil firm NOC said on Wednesday that it continued to manage its operations normally throughout the country, without loss of production, after a shooting attack on its Tripoli headquarters. The attack on Monday, claimed by Islamic State militants, killed two people and wounded 25. NOC provides the vast bulk of the Libyan state’s income and, along with the Tripoli-based central bank, is one of the only state enterprises still functioning well after years of armed factional conflict.

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Libyan officials say missiles hit Tripoli airport
The Washington Post, 12 Sep 2018

Missiles were fired at Libya’s capital Tripoli, including the city’s only functioning airport, forcing authorities to divert flights to another airport to the south, government and airport officials said Wednesday, less than a week after the U.N. brokered a cease-fire between rival armed groups. The source of Tuesday’s missile attack was unclear and there were no casualties reported, the officials said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief media. Mitiga International Airport posted on its Facebook page late Tuesday that the airport was closed and all flights were being diverted to Misrata International Airport.

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