17 April 2018 - NPWJ News Digest on FGM and Women's Rights


Women’s Forum Opens With Call For Stronger Gender Equality
by The Voice, 16 Apr 2018

HUNDREDS OF women and men joined forces at the opening of the Women’s Forum this morning (Apr 16) to demand action on women’s rights ahead of the Commonwealth’s leaders’ summit. Representing the full breadth of the Commonwealth, their languages and clothing reflected the diversity that defines the 53 Commonwealth countries. But they spoke with one passionate voice, joining Secretary-General Patricia Scotland in the 70s sisterhood anthem ‘we are family’ and demanding that the prime ministers and presidents who lead the Commonwealth put policies in place to end discrimination and remove the barriers that impede women’s progress.

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Somaliland: Why we should be at the Commonwealth summit
by African Arguments, SAAD ALI SHIRE, 16 Apr 2018

However, the Republic of Somaliland, despite being a former British protectorate that attained independence from the British Empire in 1960, won’t be afforded the opportunity to participate in these important discussions as a Commonwealth member-state. More than 27 years after Somaliland dissolved its political union with neighbouring Somalia, resuming its position as an independent state, and fulfilling all the requirements of a sovereign state, our country is still waiting for recognition as a sovereign nation. Somaliland’s exclusion from the Commonwealth is particularly unfortunate because we have long embodied the core values on which the organisation was founded and have a storied track record of working to address the challenges we face.

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Maldives: Corruption and sexism go together with Abdulla Yameen
by Livemint, Thilmeeza Hussain, 16 Apr 2018

Complaining about a misogynistic and sexist president doesn’t seem unusual today, given the number of such leaders around the world. But many will be concerned when they see a headline that reads, “A 15-year-old rape victim sentenced to flogging” or “Woman sentenced to death by stoning” or even “Female parliamentarian spat on by a male counterpart on the parliament floor”.

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Croatia ratifies convention on women's rights despite protests
by Deutsche Welle, 13 Apr 2018

Croatian lawmakers have backed a treaty safeguarding women and girls in the face of right-wing and Catholic opposition. Critics of the Istanbul Convention argue that it will indirectly legalize gay marriage.

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