24 September 2020 - NPWJ News Digest on Environmental Justice & Human Rights


Chile rejects Escazú Agreement, environmental pact supported by Costa Rica
The Tico Times , 24 Sep 2020

Chile on Tuesday confirmed its decision not to sign the Escazú Agreement, which guarantees the protection of environmental rights in Latin America, despite being one of its promoters together with Costa Rica. The Regional Agreement on Access to Information, Public Participation and Justice in Environmental Matters in Latin America and the Caribbean, known as the “Escazú Treaty,” was adopted on March 4, 2018 in Costa Rica and has as the closing period for signature of September 26, 2020. 

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UNDP Climate , 21 Sep 2020

As we rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic, enhanced climate governance will protect our people and our planet from future shocks. “As the world responds to one crisis, we cannot let another crisis worsen… Climate change will continue to threaten the lives and livelihoods of our people after the pandemic has ended. Even during the pandemic, climate change continues to threaten the health and safety of our people in the Least Developed Countries.” - Mr. Sonam P. Wangdi, Secretary of the National Environment Commission of the Kingdom of Bhutan and Chair of the Least Developed Countries Groupunder UNFCCC.

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The tipping points at the heart of the climate crisis
The Guardian , 19 Sep 2020

Many parts of the Earth’s climate system have been destabilised by warming, from ice sheets and ocean currents to the Amazon rainforest – and scientists believe that if one collapses others could follow. The warning signs are flashing red. The California wildfires were surely made worse by the impacts of global heating. A study published in July warned that the Arctic is undergoing “an abrupt climate change event” that will probably lead to dramatic changes. As if to underline the point, on 14 September it was reported that a huge ice shelf in northeast Greenland had torn itself apart, worn away by warm waters lapping in from beneath.

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India warns against securitisation of environmental issues
The Economic Times , 18 Sep 2020

India has cautioned against 'securitisation' of environmental issues, saying linking up everything related to environmental degradation to peace and security does neither address climate concerns meaningfully nor does it ensure that real perpetrators adhere to their commitments on environmental issues. 

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