27 August 2019 - NPWJ News Digest on FGM and Women's Rights


Bangladesh rules women need not say if virgins on marriage certificates
Reuters, 27 Aug 2019

Bangladesh’s top court has ruled that women need no longer declare if they are virgins on marriage certificates after a five-year legal battle by women’s rights groups trying to protect women’s privacy and potential humiliation.

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Mexico's 'glitter revolution' targets violence against women
The Guardian, 26 Aug 2019

Sandra Aguilar-Gomez remembers an atmosphere of camaraderie and celebration when thousands of Mexican women took to the streets for the “violet spring” protests of 2016. Three years later and the demonstrators are back to demand an end to violence against women – but this time the mood has soured.

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Female genital mutilation advertised on social media for as little as $10 in Indonesia
ABC News, 23 Aug 2019

In Indonesia's rural towns and cities, female genital mutilation in the form of circumcision is still in high demand by parents who believe it is a religious requirement.

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#EvelynHernández A victory for women’s rights in El Salvador
Open Democracy, 22 Aug 2019

This Monday, a court in El Salvador made history by acquitting 21 year old rape victim Evelyn Hernandez who suffered from a miscariage and was subsequently jailed, due to lack of evidence against her. Hernández was sentenced to 30 years in prison on a count of aggravated homicide in a country where miscarriages are still considered a crime, and when she was absolved she had already served 33 months of her sentence.

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Honduras – Women’s rights in a country marked by violence
ReliefWeb, 21 Aug 2019

Violent crime in Honduras has been a topic of public interest for years and is perceived as an obstacle to development. To tackle the problem of youth violence, the government has launched controversial assistance programs. 

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