27 Feb 2020 - NPWJ News Digest on LGBTI Rights


A third of Poland declared ‘LBGT-Free zone’
By Balkan Insight, 25 Feb 2020

Local municipalities across a third of Poland have adopted resolutions “against LGBT propaganda” or “pro-family”, creating what rights groups describe as hostile spaces for anyone who is not heterosexual or committed to the so-called “natural family”. According to an “Atlas of Hate” map created by activists, an area greater than the size of Hungary has effectively become an “LGBT-free zone” in the heart of Central Europe. Campaigners and international bodies including the European Parliament have condemned the resolutions, saying they are discriminatory and undermine LGBT rights.

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Pentagon-Funded Study Contradicts Trump's Argument for Trans Ban
By Advocate, 25 Feb 2020

A study funded by the Department of Defense has found widespread support for transgender people in the military, contradicting one of the Trump administration’s key arguments for the trans ban.  The study, conducted by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, found that 66 percent of respondents supported inclusion of trans people in the military.

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Croatia’s president condemns burning of gay couple effigy
By Reuters, 24 Feb 2020

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Croatia’s president on Monday condemned the burning of an effigy of two men and a child at a festival weeks after the country’s highest court ruled that same-sex couples could foster children.  Zoran Milanovic said the burning of the effigy, which depicted two men kissing, at a festival in southern Croatia on Sunday was “inhumane and totally unacceptable”.

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Richard Grenell now highest-ranking openly gay official in US government history
By New York Post , 22 Feb 2020

President Trump made history this week by appointing Richard Grenell to serve as acting director of national intelligence. The new job, a cabinet-level position, makes Grenell the highest serving openly gay man to hold federal office in United States history.

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