28 May 2018 - NPWJ News Digest on Middle East and North Africa Democracy


Iran says security forces to clamp-down on protests
by Middle East Monitor, 27 May 2018

Iranian security forces will “resolutely confront” unrest that could be exploited by the United States and other enemies, a judiciary spokesman said on Sunday, after a wave of protests across the country mainly about economic issues.
The likely return of US economic sanctions after Washington withdrew from an Iranian nuclear deal with world powers has triggered labour unrest and protests in Iran in the past few weeks by various groups, including teachers and truckers.

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Turkey condemns decision to allow pro-Kurdish party rally in Germany
by Middle East Monitor , 27 May 2018

The Turkish Foreign Ministry on Saturday condemned as a “double standard” a decision by Germany to allow a rally by the pro-Kurdish opposition HDP party in Cologne, having previously prevented ruling party politicians from campaigning there.

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Iran: Prison doctors abuse and deny treatment to persecuted women
by Amnesty International, 25 May 2018

Women prisoners of conscience from Iran’s Gonabadi Dervish religious community are being subjected to verbal abuse, including sexual slurs, and denied proper medical treatment by doctors and other health professionals at Shahr-e Rey prison on the outskirts of Tehran, Amnesty International revealed today.
The organization has received testimonies indicating that doctors at the prison, a former industrial chicken farm in Varamin, are routinely dismissing the women’s complaints of pain and discomfort as “fake” while refusing to prescribe them medication on a timely basis or carry out thorough diagnostic tests. They are also failing to ensure that medical equipment in the prison clinic is functioning properly and poses no threat to patients’ health.

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Qatar Joins Core Human Rights Treaties
by Human Rights Watch, 25 May 2018

Qatar submitted documents to the United Nations on May 21, 2018, to join two core human rights treaties, following cabinet approval on March 14, Human Rights Watch said today. But Qatar’s accession to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights includes formal reservations that will deprive women and migrant workers of the treaties’ protections.

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What's driving Middle East's rush to social media?
by ZD Net, 25 May 2018

Adoption of social media is growing rapidly around the world. There are now 3.2 billion active social-media users, akin to 43 percent of the world's population, according to new data from We Are Social. That's up from 30 percent just 12 months ago.
In the Middle East, nations such as Saudi Arabia and UAE are among the world's leading nations in terms of social-media growth and use, driven by smartphone ownership, high levels of internet penetration and a large, digitally-savvy youth population .
However, other nations in the region, especially those in North Africa, remain behind the global curve for social-media adoption; reflecting the diversity of digital experiences in this far-from homogeneous part of the world.

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