31 May 2018 - NPWJ News Digest on on LGBTI rights


Ecuador: LGBT Community Rejoices Court Recognizing Gay Couple as Family
by TeleSUR, 30 May 2018

LGBT advocates and members of the community in Ecuador are rejoicing a historic decision in which the Constitutional Court has ordered the Civil Registry office to register a seven-year-old girl parented by a lesbian couple with their last names, thereby accepting the legitimacy of their matrimony. The decision which sets precedence favoring the LGBT rights comes after years of the fight seeking legitimization on official documents was first filed in September 2012. It was a substantial step to recognize diversity and not have polarized opinions as to what categorizes as a family.

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Kenya: Movie banned over LGBT content
by Freemuse, 30 May 2018

On 27 April 2018, the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) banned Wanuri Kahiu’s film Rafiki (Friend)—the country’s first film to be nominated for an award at the Cannes Film Festival—over its LGBT content, reported the Globe and Mail. The film depicts a love story between two women.

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Brave Nigerians take to the streets to protest LGBTI violence
by Gaystar News, 30 May 2018

A group of brave Nigerians have taken to the streets of the capital Lagos to show their solidarity with the country’s LGBTI people.
The protesters hit the streets on the country’s National Day of Mourning to raise awareness about the homophobic violence and murders of LGBTI people. The National Day of Mourning commemorates the countless Nigerians who lost their lives to different kinds of violence.
The Bisi Alimi Foundation organized the march to remember LGBTI people. LGBTI activist, Bisi Alimi was forced to flee Nigeria after he came out as gay on national television in 2004.

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Lebanon LGBT scene empowered despite crackdown
by PBS Newshour, 27 May 2018

BEIRUT — It took him more than two months to prepare, coming up with the concept, assembling his outfit and rehearsing. Then on the big night, a five-hour session putting on makeup. The very last step, he slid on the red lace gloves with 4-inch red fingernails that he had specially ordered from the United States.

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Egypt's LGBT Crackdown
by NPR, 26 May 2018

Ahmed Alaa describes hoisting a rainbow flag at a concert in Cairo as the "best five minutes of his life." Now he faces years in prison and says his family and his life have been destroyed.

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