Alaa Abed

Syria Project Officer

Alaa Abed graduated in Computer Engineering from Aleppo University in 2015 and has 4 years of experience working on the Syrian crisis. 
She started as a volunteer with local NGOs in Syria, gaining experience in Education and Illiteracy Eradication Association (EIEA), and working on IDP situation assessments, NGO access to vulnerable communities and distribution with Al ta’alof (Harmony and Coexistence Organization).  In 2013; she worked in the Outreach Volunteers (ORVs) team with UNHCR as an Educational team leader.  In 2014, she worked with UNICEF in the Community Mobilization Team (CMT) focusing on protection for women and children, hygiene promotion, education and health, in Aleppo, Syria.  She then moved to Turkey and worked with the Danish Refugee council (DRC) in a community center for Syrian refugees as Multi-Functional Safe Space Assistant.
Alaa has worked on community based initiative with vulnerable groups, particularly IDPs and adolescents. She has experience organizing local events, activities, meetings and focus group discussions.  She has worked on awareness raising campaigns for youth and children on the issues of early marriage, health and personal hygiene. She has also trained adolescents on life skills and communication programs, and conducted activities and group sessions for psychosocial support for children.