Ali Demir


Ali has just graduated from the department of Political Science and Public Administration at the Middle East Technical University, based in Ankara.
Previously, he served as an intern at the Citizens’ Assembly in Istanbul where he worked actively on a project supporting civic engagement and democratic governance on local/regional and macro level public policy processes. He was also tasked with monitoring the significant human rights court cases in Turkey, having attended the trials of ‘Özgür Gündem’ and ‘Gezi Park’ cases.
In addition, he worked as an intern for the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO (UTMK) in Ankara where he prepared a report on the comparative analysis of the heritage nomination procedures of Italian, Spanish, and German National Commissions to the World Heritage List in order to improve the efficiency and status of UTMK at its affairs with UNESCO.
His final internship position was at the Truth Justice Memory Center in Istanbul where he worked on compiling the misleading statements of the Turkish government officials upon the coronavirus outbreak and the actions taken to suppress the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individuals through using the pandemic as an excuse, along with the Memorialize Turkey project.
Ali’s main areas of interest include the conceptualization of capacity building in human rights, ethnicity-based discrimination, stages of national identity formation in nation-states, and the retrospective relations of Turkey with its minorities in the Republican era. He speaks Turkish, English, and some basic French.