Jeanette Beltrán-Chavez


Jeanette Beltrán-Chavez is a rising second year J.D. law student from the University of Georgia, in Athens, GA where she currently acts as a Dean's Ambassador and Treasurer for the Hispanic and Latinx Law Students Association. Her previous studies include bachelor's degrees in Political Science and International Affairs, as well as a Spanish minor from the University of Georgia. Her involvement involved advocacy for undocumented immigrants and the U.S. Hispanic community.
Jeanette previously worked as a research assistant under the instruction of Dr. Boyd from the University of Georgia by coding Social Security Administration Appeals in the Federal Trial Courts. She provided in depth research of hundreds of individual attorneys across the Federal Appeals Courts for the federally funded research study.
Jeanette also has experience working in immigration law and family law as a legal assistant at The Ehrisman Law Firm. She collected and organized evidence for ongoing cases in addition to drafting complaints for familial disputes.
Jeanette's main areas of interest and expertise include refugee and asylum law, public international law, humanitarian law, and human rights law. Her mother tongue is Spanish, she is fluent in English, and looks forward to learning basic Dutch while in Belgium. She also has experience interpreting in volunteer settings such as school districts, health centers, and workplaces.