Lina Iovino


Lina holds a Master’s degree in Protection of Human Rights and International Cooperation at the University of Bologna, with a cross-disciplinary interest for the migration discourse in the Balkan Regions and the Mediterranean. Her interest is highlighted by her MA’s dissertation in Anthropology of Migration on “Healthcare Along the Balkan Route: A Study of Medical Provision Inside Migrant Camps from Corinth to Bihać”, completed during the Erasmus+ Research Program at the University of Primorska (Slovenia). While conducting her graduate studies, she was engaged extensively in humanitarian work in Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Before joining NPWJ, she was an intern between Corinth and Athens (Greece) working for the Non-Governmental Organization One Bridge to Idomeni, conducting a variety of projects to assist migrants. Her international work experience manly revolves around project assistance and advocacy on human rights’ protection at NGOs, assisting people on the move or living in refugee camps. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Cultural Mediation, where she graduated in English and Hungarian studies, which were deepened at the University of Szeged (Hungary) and during an internship at the Atlantic Language School in Galway (Ireland). She also speaks French.