Mustafa Ghashim

Syria Project Officer

Mustafa Ghashim graduated from Aleppo University as an Automation and Control Engineer in 2013.
In 2011 he started volunteering with the Education and Illiteracy Eradicate Association (EIEA), a Syrian association which works on education and psycho social support where he worked as an Activity Coordinator and provided technical support for facilitators and trainers.  In this position he participated in "Hayat" project in supporting displaced children with PSS activities. In 2013 he became a trainer on active citizenship, leadership in community development and peacebuilding for workshops with a Syrian Civil Society Organisation called Mobaderoon. With Mobaderoon he also participated in Peace Ambassador projects and supported youth groups in launching local peace initiatives. He facilitated a project called Fada which worked on building the capacity of adults in the local community on specific areas such as building trust and developing understanding between different identities in Syrian communities. He worked and continues to work on developing the values of equal opportunity, dialogue, acceptance, mutual understanding, non-violence and peace, and resorting to the mechanisms of conflict resolution within his community. In 2015 he became a member of the board of administration at EIEA.