Phoebe Sheppard


Phoebe is an MA Human Rights and Democratisation graduate from the Global Campus of Human Rights, with a specialisation in LGBTQ+ rights and restrictions on human rights resulting from legacies of colonialism and imperialism. As part of her degree, Phoebe studied both at the Monastery of San Nicolò al Lido, Venice and the University of Galway, Ireland. Her master’s thesis, titled ‘Imperialist Queerphobia: the Curtailment of LGBTQ+ Rights as a Product of Colonialism, Religion, and Patriarchy’ was awarded the distinction of ‘EMA Awarded Thesis’ by the Global Campus of Human Rights and will subsequently be published in the coming months.
Phoebe previously studied at the University of Leeds, earning a First Class Bachelor of Arts degree in History, specialising in African and Caribbean history. Phoebe’s undergraduate thesis provided an in-depth look at visibility politics from an intersectional feminist perspective, encapsulating the persistence of eurocentric beauty standards and the role that colonial history has played in upholding them - titled ‘Redefining Desirable: Decolonising Beauty paradigms in the Caribbean Diaspora (1930-99)’.
Whilst living and studying in Galway, Phoebe worked as a Support Group Volunteer at an LGBT+ charity in Ireland, facilitating and coordinating support group sessions and workshops to provide vital support and contact to members of the LGBTQ+ community. She has also performed as a writing contributor for numerous NGOs and charities such as Human Rights Pulse and Amnesty International, producing articles mainly concerning women’s and LGBTQ+ rights.