Rami Nakhla

Syria Project Coordinator

Rami Nakhla is Syrian pro-democracy activist and a Yale World Fellow who has worked to advance political, social, and security sector reform in Syria since 2006. Mr. Nakhla has served as Executive Director of The Day After Association and as Syria Program Specialist at the US Institute of Peace (USIP), coordinating “The Day After” project on the Institute’s behalf. At the start of the uprising, Nakhla was a founding member and spokesperson for the Local Coordination Committees (LCCs), a nation-wide network of activists who organized early protests and continue to keep the world informed about the unfolding conflict in Syria. Later, in 2011, Nakhla became a member of the Syrian National Council, the first internationally recognized umbrella organization for the Syrian opposition. In 2013, Nakhla resigned from his position to focus his efforts on non-partisan conflict mitigation with international organizations working in the country.
Nakhla’s work been featured by all major media outlets such as the New York Times, The Guardian, Washington Post, Al-Jazeera En and others.

Email: rnakhla@npwj.org